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It is more crowded at the end of July than we had imagined. From experience, it is still the case that you can come spontaneously and there will still be space and electricity. It is only those who arrive after 20:00 who seem to think that it is starting to become somewhat difficult to find a place with electricity on their own. In the worst case, you get a place without electricity, but can either find a free contact the next day or relocate to a better place with electricity, as we neither have numbered places nor reserve specific places.

For guests wanting to stay in a cabin, it is recommended you make a reservation. Cabin reservations are prepaid a week prior to arrival.

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When reserving a cabin there is an obligatory bedlinnen fee of 100,- NOK per person for general hygiene reasons including both bedlinnen, duvee and pillows, except for a few of the 7 16m2 cabins and the 12 m2 cabins. Staying 4 persons in a 16m2 cabin for two nights the price therefor becomes 750 per night.

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